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Clinical Photography in Dentistry

"Every Picture Tells A Story"

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Dear Colleague,

Here's how you can:

Help your patients to get even better outcomes

Be deservedly rewarded for doing so, and at the same time

Protect yourself from the dread of complaints and litigation...


I haven’t placed an amalgam filling in over 2 years now.


Using the intra oral camera is the biggest reason for this positive change for my patients (and our bottom line)

This ideas have only been revealed before to our own 50 in-house Dentists

I believe...

Using clinical photographs are the best way to manage patient expectations. And in doing so gain effective, valid and informed consent. 

By showing images before, during and after treatment, patients have a much better understand of the challenges, we as clinicians, face each and every day. 

Clinical photography is the way to gain greater patient trust and ensure better results for everyone involved.

And - that's the why I use it, every single day. 

In this course you discover:

  • How to offer more private treatments, even if you are working in a predominantly NHS practice

  • How to use photographs to strengthen your communication skills with your patients – without having to say a word

  • How you can reduce your risk of complaints or litigation through improved record-keeping

  • How to set up your camera for different patient scenarios

  • How to master clinical photography in dentistry – much more quickly and less expensively than you might think

  • Why teeth should be photographed

  • Clinical application and image management – all you need to get you started  


What's included in your training?

5-part video training series

Manage your patient expectations predictably, so you can confidently share your knowledge and expertise with your patients

Training handbook pdf

Discuss your treatment plans comfortably (including the ‘money’ part) to avoid worrying about being sued every time you put your hands in someone’s mouth. 

1-hour CPD / CE certificate

Accelerate your dentist-patient connection, deliver true value, increase profits. Which means you can enjoy more money, holidays and time off with your family

Reflection template for your PDP

All of this now available on our new mobile app!

Plus 2 FREE Bonuses (value £137)

Bonus #1

A FREE copy of our new hard-back book – Secrets of Successful Dentists (RRP on Amazon £39)

Bonus #2

Additional 3 part training – “3 Little Known Secrets of the Most Successful Dentists” (value £98)

Building the career/business, the income, and the life of choice you want can seem impossible, but it doesn’t have to be...

Leverage our expertise of 37+ years from owning and running 11 General Dental Practices in Northern Ireland and successfully providing our services to over 63,000 patients, with 53 dentists in our team of 180 staff.

You’ll know we have faced most, if not every, issue fellow dentists like you face in practice at every stage of their dental career.  


30-Day Money Back Guarantee

As with everything we do at The Dentists Academy. This course is backed by a 30-day money back guarantee. If after you've watched the videos, read the pdf templates, you don't love it. Simply send us an email and we will refund everything you have paid. No questions - no quibbles. 

But listen...

This course could be life changing!



This courses contributes 1 hour towards your verifiable CPD / CE


Q1. Do I need any previous experience with photography?

None at all.  I started with zero previous experience.  I’m actually much better with my intra-oral camera at work than I am with my iPhone. If I can succeed with this, you 100% can too.

Q2. Will it be expensive to begin?

Nope! Like many things in dentistry, a range of options exists.  My preference of camera definitely isn’t the most expensive or fancy one.

Q3. Will it really make that much of a difference?

Without a shadow of a doubt. This is the one item that has had the biggest impact on how we provide the best dentistry for our patients.  There’s so, so many reasons to use photographs.  And it’s honestly much more straightforward than you could imagine.

"I’ve now doubled my private fillings conversion – all from this one course"


"Leonard taught me how to communicate effectively with patients and discuss a range of treatment options with a logical and patient centred approach. He helped improve my confidence levels and made the transition from university into the working world a lot easier with the skills he has given me. "


"How to properly communicate treatment options and discussing fees is an area which is completely avoided in dental school, leaving dentists with the daunting and uncertain task of self-education once they are operating in the real world. My solution was The Dentists Academy. The Dentists Academy has trained me how to effectively deliver all treatment options with confidence and exactly how to have "the money chat" with patients. The results are better care for my patients, an increase in earnings and a solid standing dento-legally."


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