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Optimise Patient Care

Manage your patient expectations predictably, so you can confidently and comfortably share your knowledge and expertise with your patients.

Feel even more valued as a dentist

Discuss your treatment plans comfortably (including the ‘money’ part) to avoid worrying about being sued every time you put your hands in someone’s mouth.

Eliminate any burnout or feeling of overwhelm

Accelerate your dentist-patient connection, deliver true value, increase profits. Which means you can enjoy more money, holidays and time off with your family

Building the career/business, the income, and the life of choice you want can seem impossible, but it doesn’t have to be...

Leverage our expertise of 37+ years from owning and running 11 General Dental Practices in Northern Ireland and successfully providing our services to over 60,000 patients, with 50 dentists in our team of 180 staff.

You’ll know we have faced most, if not every, issue fellow dentists like you face in practice at every stage of their dental career. 

Who is it for?

 You're a fellow dentist (Associate or Principal) and you love what you do.

✓ You recognise a need to enhance how you communicate with your patients.

✓ You want to be more effective so you can deliver high-value dentistry and still have time for your family, yourself and your career...


By becoming a member you gain access to the most comprehensive home study  library of content designed by fellow dentists, to help you excel in your business, your career, and your life.

The Dentists Academy helps members develop real world skills that have a direct impact on income and personal growth. 


The Dentists Academy Membership program is the first program of its kind and scale to provide industry leading content, live support and training, and the opportunity to connect with like-minded people within the Community.

The goal of the program is to provide members with the content and coaching to allow users to achieve 10X Results in their business, income, and life.


Here's An Inside Peek to Some of the Home Study Courses Within The Dentists Academy



Dento-Legal Essentials


How not to get sued as a Dentist

Managing complaints  

Record keeping 



Copy and Paste 'Done for You' Templates


'How to write a dental report'

Pre-visit pack for patients with Autism

Domiciliary visit pack

Compliance policies +++

And many more!


How to Set and Achieve Your Goals


Including the '3 Little Known Secrets of the Most Successful Dentists.'


Hot Topics in Dentistry


New Perio Classification

MFDS / MJDF hints & tips

ECPD & PDP updates


Career Progression


Writing your CV

How to pass your MFDS / MJDF exams

Interview skills

Being the Leader of Your Team


How to lead

How to confront someone

Good days vs bad days


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Many of our courses also go towards your verifiable CPD / CE


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"I can't believe Leonard and Derek offer so much within the Home Study Club. All for less than the price of a coffee a day..."

"Leonard taught me how to communicate effectively with patients and discuss a range of treatment options with a logical and patient centred approach. He helped improve my confidence levels and made the transition from university into the working world a lot easier with the skills he has given me. "

"How to properly communicate treatment options and discussing fees is an area which is completely avoided in dental school, leaving dentists with the daunting and uncertain task of self-education once they are operating in the real world. My solution was The Dentists Academy. The Dentists Academy has trained me how to effectively deliver all treatment options with confidence and exactly how to have "the money chat" with patients. The results are better care for my patients, an increase in earnings and a solid standing dento-legally."

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