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The Dentists Academy

'The Complete Home Study Club for Dentists in General Practice'

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About The Dentists Academy

Hello, I’m Dr Leonard Maguire and I’ve created an ongoing series of practical, business trainings, templates and advice for you as a fellow dentist. So, you can, not only succeed in serving patients, but in the business of dentistry too (being rightfully rewarded for the difference you make).

The Good News:

All of your training is totally online, so you can keep up to date at any time and at a place that suits you.


My father, Dr Derek Maguire, and I have developed:

The Dentists Academy

“How to Succeed in General Dental Practice”

 And as we’re both dentists – we know, first-hand, the challenges you’re facing every single day.

Our real-life business experience of owning and running multiple dental practices means we know what it takes (the hard work, commitment, resilience and determination) to be successful in the business of dentistry, either as an Associate dentist, or running a practice.


And here's the best bit...

All the knowledge and business experience gained over a combined 35 years of successful General Dental Practice is stored in your online portal – just waiting for you to access whatever you need - just at the very moment you need it...


Whether that’s:

Business development


Practice and self-management




Personal growth


Marketing and Social Media


As a Member of The Dentists Academy, you’ll find tried and tested ways that enable you to learn and develop those vital skills so often not taught in dental school – but are so, so important to build a successful and meaningful career.

Now, what do I mean by successful?

Earning the right level of income commensurate with the positive and long-term difference you make to patients’ lives

In a nutshell, The Dentists Academy:

Enables you to recognise areas of business opportunity within your practice

✓ Minimises your risk of complaints and litigation

✓ And ultimately – shows you how to master profitable dentistry

All of this means you can provide the dentistry you enjoy (and are proud of) - and that your patients deserve.

So, welcome to the community and I’m so excited to see the positive difference this makes for you and how you apply these little-known business skills to your dental career.


All of this means you can provide the dentistry you enjoy and are proud of - and that your patients deserve.

Once again, welcome to the community and I’m so excited to see the positive difference this makes for you and how you practice your dentistry

Whilst I know there is a serious intent to this, I know you will certainly have some fun along the way.


Dr Leonard & Dr Derek Maguire

We’re a father and son team of dentists from Northern Ireland, who provide advice and guidance to other Dentists - Associates, Principals, Locums, Dental Foundation Trainees, Dental Students.

From successfully owning and running our group of mixed General Dental Practices, which have been established for over 30 years, and our post-graduate qualifications – you’ll know we have faced most, if not every, issue fellow dentists like you face in practice at every stage of their dental career. 


For your career and practice to work successfully, it’s necessary to understand these critical areas:



Human Resources




Operations (including ICT)




… these are all covered for you in The Dentists Academy in bitesize chunks which you can access at a time that suits you.

The Dentists Academy is an online area where you can discover tried and tested strategies (from the comfort of your home or surgery) for business growth, personal development, dento-legal challenges, mindset, communication skills, social media – everything you need to thrive in practice,


Attention: Fellow Dentist

The Dentists Academy provides real-life help and solutions for you about the business of dentistry.

Whether you are just starting out in dental school, recently graduated, hoping to buy your own practice, or indeed are already a Principal – here is the information that can help you thrive financially.


These are very challenging times in dentistry.

Patient expectations are at an all-time high.

Financial strains have never been tighter.

Complaints and litigation are increasing.

However, it’s the most rewarding career in the world when you conquer these stressful aspects.

Let’s get started on your journey to success together.


Message from The Dentists Academy Founding Partners

We are passionate about providing the highest quality dentistry for patients.


And so, we equip you with the business tools to ensure you are able to do this.

 Remember - this is different from any other group in dentistry.

And the recognition that many of the struggles dentists face are not necessarily clinical matters, rather:

✓ Discussing fees with confidence

✓ Communicating treatment plans with patients

✓ Handling complaints

✓ Managing expectations

✓ Managing stress

✓ Effective time management

 So, we are going to share with you, our tried and tested proven ideas, through our Members’ Monthly Web Meets (recorded and stored for you) and online environment. 

 Here’s the biggest difference… we are dentists in General Practice too. 

Often people don’t need to be told what action to take. Instead, it is the strategies on how to do so that’s required.

Hard work will be involved – no doubt about it.

However the rewards are outstanding. 


Time for action...

You know you need to provide the dentistry that:

  • Your patients deserve
  • You enjoy doing
  • You can be proud of

We’re here to help you avoid the pitfalls that can so easily and quickly arise in dentistry and continually provide the ideas, methods and tools so you can succeed – in all aspects of General Practice.

Wishing You Every Success

Leonard and Derek Maguire

The Dentists Academy


The Dentists Academy

'The Home Study Hub for Dentists in General Practice'

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'The 7 Big Mistakes Dentists Unwittingly Make, Exposing Them to Expensive Lawsuits'

Which ones might you be making?


"One to one sessions with Leonard have been a game-changer. Bridging the gap between clinical knowledge and business know-how to achieve the most from your patient interactions. Leonard's advice simply just makes sense – he pulls the obvious into view and sets a path to improve communication, time management and isn’t afraid to tackle the taboo of money matters. I’ve always left feeling enthused and equipped to do my best for my patients and benefit as a self-employed associate dentist."

Dr Lyndsey McM

"Lenny taught me how to communicate effectively with patients and discuss a range of treatment options with a logical and patient centred approach. He helped improve my confidence levels and made the transition from university into the working world a lot easier with the skills he has given me. "

Dr Hannah M

"Leonard and Derek breakdown the ‘business of dentistry’ and provide ethical, effective and practical approaches to help you provide the best for your patients."

Dr Chris M

"How to properly communicate treatment options and discussing fees is an area which is completely avoided in dental school, leaving dentists with the daunting and uncertain task of self-education once they are operating in the real world. My solution was The Dentists Academy. The Dentists Academy has trained me how to effectively deliver all treatment options with confidence and exactly how to have "the money chat" with patients. The results are better care for my patients, an increase in earnings and a solid standing dento-legally."

Dr David K

"Leonard’s advice and coaching for Dental Foundation Training was invaluable for improving my interview skills and building my confidence. He taught me how to structure my answers for the interview scenarios, so I could apply it to any question I was asked. Thanks to his excellent coaching I gained a place in my first-choice scheme."

Dr Shannon C

"From the outset of my career I quickly realised that Dentistry was so much more than just the practical knowledge acquired during undergraduate training. I soon recognised the need for business knowledge and financial planning as a self-employed Dentist. The one-to-one and CPD training with Derek and Leonard has been invaluable to me in developing these skills. Following training and continuous support, I now feel better equipped in managing the business aspects of Dentistry"

Dr Rebecca McC

Contact us:

e: [email protected]  t: +44 (0) 7713115208
The Dentists Academy
8 Inishkeen, Old Eglish Road, Dungannon, 
Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland, BT71 7DL



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