3 Ideas to Creating More Freedom in Your Dental Career

Uncategorized Jan 22, 2020

In general, most dentists don’t have enough choices in life. 


They don’t have either the money or time for the lifestyle they want to live! 

But how do you even define financial or time freedom? 

Some people say it’s when passive income exceeds your expenses. 

Grant Cardone refers to it as when passive income exceeds your ideal lifestyle income and you have money left over to reinvest to continue to create even more passive income. 

What could your life look like if money weren’t an issue, if all your expenses were covered and you had money or time left over? 

Here are 3 Ideas I use to create more freedom:

#1 Decide.

This seems easy to do but often the simple things are the easy things NOT to do.

Decide if you want financial or time freedom.

There are implications for the decisions you make.

When you want to get healthy, you need to make sacrifices, like going to the gym often and eating foods you may not love. 

Financial or time freedom also means sacrifices.

Have a real conversation with yourself about if you’re really ready to go all in. 

#2 Create Targets. 

You need a plan.

Financial freedom might seem so far right now, it’s almost too hard to imagine.

Don’t worry about driving from LA to New York, just worry about what road to get on first.

What does financially free even mean for you? 

You must first define it for yourself, not someone else’s definition of it.

And do the numbers of what it will take to get there! 

#3 Become a Pro. 

Skill Up.

How can you generate money?

Or maybe it’s having a better night’s sleep…

Earned income is your driver that will push into passive income investments.

You need the skills that will produce money in the first place.  

Head over to The Dentists Academy and discover how you too can join other like-minded dentists and start increasing your abilities today.

Every Success,


Dr Leonard J Maguire BDS LL.M MBA

Dentist. Author. Dento-Legal Adviser.







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