How to Sell Dental Treatment Plans to Patients

Uncategorized Oct 01, 2018

Very often, when I’m speaking with dentists and their teams, they know the price of the treatments they provide.


But they don’t always fully grasp the value of the treatments they provide.


Or the difference this can make to their patients’ lives. 


When this happens, the ‘money chat’ with patients can only go one way.


As dentists, we are pretty comfortable discussing treatments – or at least the clinical parts anyway.


‘Nano particles’ and ‘bonding agents’ – it’s our first language.


But when it comes to the money part of the conversation – they freeze.


Voices lower to barely a whisper…


Or sometimes voices take on an apologetic tone…


Occasionally they start with, “I know this is going to sound expensive, but…”


Can you picture being in one of those shops where there are no prices on anything?


Would you hesitate before asking the price?

I know I would.


Why is that?


Because we remember hearing somewhere – “if you have to ask the price you can't afford it!”


We grow up taking on the beliefs of those around us in society.


Assuming they are true as a whole.


As a result, we end up believing 'money' is a dirty word and you don't talk about it.


Especially as a dentist.


“I’m not in sales”


Sound familiar?


I was that person once - I know what it's like.


This is why it is so important to master the skill of discussing fees with patients – comfortably and confidently.


Take the guess work out of the conversation – for both of you.


In theory, for informed and valid consent, we must be discussing all relevant options with patients – to include the approx. costs.


I have witnessed many 'money conversations' in surgeries actively de-railing what would have otherwise been a successful sale!


'It was too expensive, they didn’t want to spend the money on it’.


As dentists, it can be easy to ‘blame’ our patients for not choosing what we recommend.


In reality, they very often haven’t been provided with enough information to understand the value in the treatment.


Your conversation needs to follow a structure, or a formula.


If you don’t have one yet – get in touch and I will gladly share mine with you.


Works for me every time.


Because I’ve tested it.

And continue to do so.


The fact it is bringing similar success to other dentists means only one thing.


My systems work – with the right level of discipline, thought and hard work.


Always ethically and with integrity.


This is why I can be so certain that I have the solution that will mean you NEVER have to be on the losing end of money conversations again.    


You don’t need the skills or knowledge – I will share that with you. 


All you need to bring is the right attitude.


I have the solution - you just need to make the call.


To Your Success,


Dr Leonard J Maguire


General Dental Surgeon

Co-Founder of The Dentists Academy

- “TheComplete Business Toolkit for Dentists in General Practice”



P.S.Remember: no-one is born with these skills. 


The good news?


They can be learned. 


And they can be copied. 


Once you master this skill, 2 things will happen. 


  1. Your patient outcomes dramatically increase as they understand the value in what you have the ability to provide.


  1. Your satisfaction and pride in your work increases at the same exponential rate.

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