What Problems Do You Solve For Your Dental Patients?

Uncategorized Jul 25, 2019

Our routine days often involve problems with Dentistry

Problems get our attention.

Your patients are, at times, presenting with significant problems.

If you want to get their attention, it’s not enough to talk about solutions.

Everyone talks about solutions.

But solutions don’t get attention.

Problems do.


And I’ve been guilty of this in the past as well…

How many times to we race into solutions?

Because we’re inherently problem solvers – wanting to get stuck in and fix things.

Discussing types of crowns…

How to fill a space etc…

But really, we must be certain our patient fully understands their problem – and its significance.

The way to get your patient’s attention is NOT by talking about what your treatment does initially.

That’s the way to sound like everyone else.

Talk about the real problem as they perceive it, as they talk about it and you’ll get their attention.

Problems also have two components: ​

1. Logical​ part

2. ​Emotional​ part


Imagine you sell a computer backup service.

The problem you help solve/prevent is a loss of data.

LOGICAL: It’s making sure that you don’t one day wake up and discover that weeks, months or maybe even years of work and memories are gone.

EMOTIONAL: It’s avoiding the regret of not taking a simple, easy step to back up your computer.

I’ve remember being on the wrong side of that example too…

Sadly, my previous laptop was not as waterproof as I’d have hoped…

But we live and learn.

(And everything gets backed up x3 times now!)

So, this week, I’d urge you to consider, the following:

In terms of logic and emotion – what problems do you solve for your patients?

Have a “problem-solving” week!


Dr Leonard J Maguire BDS LL.M MBA

General Dental Surgeon

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