What ​should​ be your goals for your dental treatment plan discussions be?

Uncategorized Aug 13, 2019

This week I’m going to share an idea that, as it did for me, will help to remove any clouds from your thoughts process when thinking about “rejection”.

In this area, we’re discussing rejection in terms of meaning “your patient did not choose your preferred treatment option recommended”.

In the UK, so many amalgams restorations are still being placed when composite would often be a much better option.

So, either, the option of composite is not being discussed (which I doubt).

Or it is not always being compared to amalgam in a meaningful way (much more likely).

Consider the following concept:

“Can Control vs. Can’t Control”

Either you are thinking about things you ​can​ control and doing something about them, or you are thinking about things you ​can’t​ control and worrying for nothing.

You can’t be here and there at the same time.

I’ll ask you to consider this...

“What’s the goal of discussing a particular treatment plan with your patient?”

You see, ​it makes no sense to set as your goal something you can’t control​.

And since you CAN’T ever make the decision FOR your patient, “making a sale/treatment plan acceptance” in this sense is a goal that is outside of your control.

When this light turns on, you’ll be playing in a whole new league.

You can’t ​force​ your patient to decide to buy.

So your goal shouldn’t be to “convert a treatment plan discussion” since any acceptance is out of your control.

BUT you ​can​ set out to accomplish a more subtle goal.

And when you achieve this subtle goal, treatment plan acceptance will be the natural consequence.

So, what should​ be the goals of your treatment plan discussions be?

THE GOAL: Lead your patient to see that buying your product or service is the path of least resistance/best choice for them.

Meaning, buying will actually be better, more pleasant, satisfying, rewarding, etc., than not buying.

Your goal is to provide the options in a meaningful way for your patients, in a way they understand, and the option you recommend is clear.

That’s is your responsibility.

In summary, always remember:

“You can’t control the outcome, but you can control the actions taken.”

Have a great week,


Dr Leonard J Maguire BDS LL.M MBA

General Dental Surgeon

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