Work Smarter, Not Harder in Dentistry … in 7 Steps

Uncategorized Jan 14, 2020

Check out these common characteristics that appear in successful people.

Remember – these are ideas are simple, but often not easy to implement.

Pay attention to these 7 areas of your business and/or life to stay on track and on top.

  • Start your day early
  • Focus your mental energy, don’t multi-task.
  • Be fearless when it comes to the great unknown.
  • Business really does mean business.
  • Set aside time to “work” on your business.
  • Delegate responsibility where possible.
  • Make a concerted effort to streamline your time.

At The Dentists Academy we focus on 2 things for dentists … 

  • Personal growth
  • Business development

And all in terms of risk and opportunity.

In terms of personal growth and professional development.

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To working smarter not harder,


Dr Leonard J Maguire BDS LL.M MBA

Dentist. Author. Dento-Legal Adviser.


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