Your Success So Far, Showtime Ices, and Bouncing Back from Defeat

Uncategorized Nov 12, 2018

This is important for you, so don’t rush reading this.


In the past, I wasn’t very ‘into’ this sort of stuff, but I now do believe it to be a very worthwhile exercise – under the umbrella of mindfulness.


People view success in many different ways.


It means different things to different people. 


Which is fair enough.


For me personally, it’s not just about money. 


My goals are much more varied but tend to focus around trying to achieve both financial and time freedom.


Family security, feeling part of something, how content I am at different times, helping others to achieve their goals, pushing myself to achieve more (such as postgraduate study) and of course, finances does have a role to play in this.


So, today is time for you to think of how far you have come on your journey of success – so far.


Often, we have a tendency to be negative and focus on missed targets and results.


Maybe it’s a dentist thing?


We tend to be quite harsh on ourselves.


Instead, we need to think of where we were to begin with.


A positive mindset is required to encourage confidence and reduce complacency. 


We need to constantly improve and challenge ourselves. 


Not, “it would be nice if we could.” 


I urge you to adapt to this.


Resilience is something I talk about quite often when I’m out and about various practices.


This might be the single biggest differentiator with those who do well, and those who become superstars.


Of course, you will meet challenges and unexpected bumps in the road. 


Everybody does.


But not everyone responds in the same way. 


And therein lies the difference.


I want to encourage you to change your focus in this regard:

  • Think about each significant milestone in your personal and professional life so far. Take some time.  Write it down.  Have a genuine “well done” from me.


  • Re-adjust how you think of failure. Consider how you are not in control of your results – rather, in control of your actions instead.  (I'll go into this in more detail in another blog).  You are in control of your thoughts – don’t let other people’s opinions dictate your belief.


  • Don’t compare where you are to where you want to be. Rather look at how far you have come from.


  • Use the Focused 5 – template found within the Dentists Academy. 


Use this as your baseline inspiration for moving forward and creating new goals.


Rest assured, I’ve had the lows as well, so I can say from experience I’ve been there.


I missed an A-level grade and didn’t get into dental school first time round.


I remember that morning very well.


I particularly remember one low point a few days after this, where I was wondering what I could do to improve my situation.


Dental schools were closed for that year.


Schools and UCAS weren’t back yet for those who needed to re-apply.


I didn’t even know what my options were never mind how to go about them.


I remember sitting thinking "what can I do to make things better?"


So, I decided at that point the only thing I could do was to go and have my haircut – in order to get ready for any potential interviews I might have with the school, university or dental schools.


Pretty grim, right? 


The best thing I could come up with was going for a haircut.


But I used it as motivation and, no doubt, that ‘failure’ has driven me to achieve what I have so far in my career.


I re-sat my A-level in Chemistry and got into dental school the next year. 


I started my own ice cream business on that year out – Showtime Ices.


Showtime Ices grew to include my team of 15 staff, 3 units, various pitches and a diary full of very loyal events.


I kept the business going throughout my time in dental school and sold it after graduating.


Needless to say, Showtime Ices provided probably my greatest education, and I feel I have successfully translated what I learned into my dental career so far too.


That said, I am very proud of my post-nominals as well.


Especially my two Master’s degrees – which are in completely separate disciplines to dentistry


  • my LL.M in Medical Law and Ethics from the University of Edinburgh
  • and my MBA, Master of Business Administration, from the University of Liverpool).


You’ve got to keep pushing, keep moving, keep improving.


Of course, you can’t get it right every time. 


That’s life. 

What’s important is that you’re actively trying.

Other people will recognize this too and opportunity will knock.


Hope you find this useful, encouraging and feel inspired to go out and be the best you.


The harder you try, the luckier you’ll be.


Every Success,


Dr Leonard J Maguire
General Dental Surgeon
Co-Founder of The Dentists Academy
- “TheComplete Business Toolkit for Dentists in General Practice”


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